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Public Meetings  


Public meetings - On the beginning of the sessions, using the book "Wisdom of the Gospel", written by Torres Pastorino, several themes are used, as karma, obsession and the curing of it, spiritual cures, initiations, descent of the monad, Internal Christ, the reason of the violence, the transformations, ecological themes, etc.


Schedules of the Sessions: Monday - Beginning of the Session 19:30h.

Wednesday - Beginning of the Session 14:30h.


1 - Arrive at least 30 min before the session, because the entrance gate closes strictly in the schedules at the beginning of session mentioned above; 


2 - As we work with the cure of the obsession, we need to be rigorous about the service. Notice the following terms: When you arrive at FAH for the first time, please go to the Spiritual Coordination which will give you the instructions about the pass; 


3 - Try to come with white clothes, which cannot be short, obscenes or transparent. 


4 - After passing for seven passes, uninterrupted, will be marked the day of the assistance and you have to prepare yourself, obeying the rules: 


5 - Don't drink, don't smoke and don't have sex in the day of the assistance; On this day you should be the calmest person as possible, give your problems to God and try to improve your behavior. 



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