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Casa de São Francisco de Assis is a beneficent, philanthropic non-governamental Institution, registered at SANC - Social Assistance National Council and SAMC - Social Assistance Municipal Council, recognized as of State and Federal Public Utility, CARMC - Child's and Adolescent Rights Municipal Council; acting in the Third Section since its foundation in 1975. In this place at Rua Alice, 308 - Laranjeiras, Rio de Janeiro, people do social service, through the professionals' voluntary service, with the intention of giving social opportunity and dignity to all of those in need.


During all these years of existence we concluded that we needed more including social projects, that came to the encounter with the demand of the visitors of the institution. Those projects were being installed during those years through the arduous work of a group of associates that works, still today, for its maintenance.

We knew, for own experience, that all this community service should be without obligation for the people that is been assisted, or with a small financial collaboration so far as possible, for what we counted with the social helpers entrusted of evaluating all of the cases. As our purpose is to assist to a larger number of people with low income, we looked for partnerships and volunteers in the areas: doctor, dental, juridical and others. However we know that it is not still enough for the maintenance of the projects that are already in course, because our source of income is based on monthly fees, donations and events and a low helps from the government

Seeking the acceleration of the community work, we improved the Rua Alice's big house, our main location, and we created several sections of social insertion that goes since the distribution of food, medical services, dental services, psychological services, juridical services, also a place that attends 80 children, coming from families of low income of the neighborhood and nearby areas.

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