1º Distribution of food – Once a month food, used clothes and shoes in good state are distributed to 45 registered needy families. On this day several educational lectures are given on environmental sustainability, and other themes connected with the improvement of the quality of life of those families, presented by lawyers, doctors, dentists and psychologists. 


2º Distribution of babies' trousseaus – We have a specific section with volunteers to prepare kits of babies' trousseaus, that are distributed to registered pregnant women that are up-to-date with their pre-natal exams. 


3º  Santa Clara's Daycare – Our Daycare assists full time, at the moment, 80 needy children from ages 2 to 5 years and 11 months, divided in 4 age groups. There they receive first quality food, given in 3 daily balanced meals, elaborated by a nutritionist. The pedagogic orientation is made by a team that includes a pedagogue, teachers and helpers. Besides we count on qualified volunteers who offer varied extra activities, such music, theater, dances, capoeira, computer science and storytelling. The children also receive dental, psychological and speech therapies. The Santa Clara's Daycare is destined to single mothers, and low income families, that prove that they work and need a safe place for the children. This place is open from Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m to 5 p.m. 


4º Medical Clinic - It’s composed by a team of volunteering professionals from different medical areas that assist the needy by appointment and with no charge. We also have alternative medicine services, like acupuncture and homeopathy. 


5º Dental Clinic - In the dental clinic, we offer dental prevention and treatment services. Besides the children from Santa Clara’s Daycare and the employees of the House we also offer about 120 treatments monthly. The volunteer dentists supply 70% of the material and CFA the other 30%. In the procedures that request prosthesis, we charge 50%, because we got a partnership with prosthodontists of the neighborhood and we receive donations in some cases too. 


6º Juridical - Service from volunteer lawyers, of several specialties (affiliated to BLO - Brazilian Lawyers Order) that gives legal orientation, by appointment and re-direction to free justice hearings, when necessary. 


7º Library- The HAF library collection has more than 1400 spiritualistic, esoteric, Afro-Brazilian and Amerindian culture, natural medicine, yoga, Buddhism, Self-help, and other classified books. The objective is to make available that whole literature to the community and the visitors of the institution. 


8º Psychological Assistance – We count on psychologists to assist the needy community ,the children of the Santa Clara's Daycare and their families. 


9º Ecological Festival - An event accomplished once a year in our main location. Professionals of several areas make lectures, teach alternative techniques of construction as the use of materials, point solutions for several environmental problems, as shortage of water, selective garbage collection and alternative medicine. The Ecological Festivals objective is to provide the participating people a direct contact with simple, cheap and home-made solutions for problems that affect the lacking community. Together with this event happens the June's Party of the Daycare, with typical food and dance. 


10º Living of the Spring Seminar - The Living of the Spring is accomplished in our main location, always in October, with lectures and workshops with themes of general interest as: conventional medicine, alternative medicine, organic agriculture, materials recycling, use of surpluses of food, craft, besides other alternative subsistence techniques. The main objective of the event is to diffuse resources and knowledge to the promotion of the health, the environmental balance, the life quality and the rescue of the popular culture and the traditional knowledge for the community. 


11º Childhood and Adolescence Program - Program for lacking children of the neighborhood of Laranjeiras and nearby areas, seeking the social inclusion, with the psychologists' voluntary participation, and teachers, that give drawing, painting, theater and music classes. The groups are separated by age group, where each instructor has to hear the child's or the adolescent's report and direct them for a specific professional, depending on the detected problem. To the adolescents that reach the age group that goes from 12 to 18 years we show them a special consideration because we consider that age group a risk group. 


12º Spiritual Guidance – We Rendered spiritual assistance according to universal spiritualistic philosophy to an average of 1000 people/week. They are people from Rio de Janeiro and other parts of Brazil, of all age groups and social classes. They seek us looking for spiritual help and emotional support.

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