Curing the Obsession  


After getting through 7 passes, that have the purpose of cleaning your aura and unloading the vibratory field of the obsessors, making the process easier for the person. That wait of 7 weeks is necessary, because we are treating with extremely unbalanced spirits, that so many times were and still are your executioners in this life, becoming necessary an adaptation to the indoctrination process,

that it begins exactly with the reading of the Gospel.


However, a lot of times the obsessors are millennial, and keep with them an enormous revenge desire. The hate dammed for so much time needs to be put out, and them, the obsessors, usually attack the person who they still hate (that is you) with all their fury, expressing themselves through the mediums, that will give passage to all that emotion, stuck for so much time.


Pay attention to everything that will be said, and understand that they are if reporting, in many cases, to the previous incarnations and not necessarily to the current incarnation, therefore, don't be offended with the vulgar words uttered by them, because the revenge desire is huge. They are unpleasant moments, however of extreme need, because it is through this catharsis that they will have the opportunity to be face-to-face with who they think are their executioners. As the obsessors understand the whole incorporation process, indoctrination and current state of spirits that are not incarnated anymore, the hate is decreasing, and they start to understand that they are in another plan, in another life, now without a meat body.


Because of this, your attitude will influence a lot in their change of behavior, after all, in some cases, were partners of horrifying dramas in past lives, and the forgiveness needs to be given from both parts. Mediums, spiritual guides and indoctrinators are doing their part, your part is to maintain yourself in prayer. Positive and loving thoughts to them, that still don't know what they are doing, is a great contribution for them.


A lot of times the obsessors threaten, they insult, they shout, they contorted themselves, however they are contained in the vibratory field of a well trained medium, and he is allowing and giving passage to every suffering of them, while the spiritual guides treat them.

In the worse moments, pray and stay calm, because your vibratory field is passing by a deep cleaning, and it is of our interest that this process is been made with all the precision, in your benefit, the obsessors' benefit and the benefit of the mediums that are working.


The first objective of curing the obsession is to appease the enemies of other lives with the obessed, that is, to appease their enemies with you. However, it needs to be of behavior reciprocity.

There's no point in coming to a session for cure the obsession with rage, with hurry, or even nervous, after all, the day of the liberation of both it's closer than ever.

In the day of the session, everything will be ready to receive you, however, you also need to prepare yourself. We know that it is not easy for you, that in general, ignores great part of this obsessive process with rare exceptions.


Nesse dia, se prepare com paciência e amor, pois será a grande oportunidade de resgate cármico. Para que tudo dê certo, observe os seguintes comportamentos:


Don't eat meat;


Don't drink alcoholic drink;


Don't have sex before 24 hours;


Stay calm before and during the session;


Try to understand the obsessor's suffering;


Don't be frightened with the obsessors' words, after all, they already know you from many others incarnations;


Rely in God and give yourself to the work;


Forgive always, always and always; Pray during whole session;


Arrive at least 30 minutes before the session.



Beyond these procedures, adopt the reading of the Gospel at home, always aloud, also preparing your house to be cleaned of the vibrations of the obsessors


So that your work success, you should change your attitude in your day after day, because if you don't change it, it will attract new "companions" on your journey.



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