Casa de Francisco de Assis Library


The CFA offers to their visitors the possibility to purchase books, in a mounted store every Mondays and Wednesdays, before the pass sessions, and the borrow can be done at the library of the house, that is beside the Daycare, with payment of a symbolic tax. There are more than thousand and four hundred titles available, of authors as Chico Xavier, Zíbia Gasparetto, Helena Blavatsky and others. It is also open every Mondays and Wednesdays.


A missão de cada um - by Elissa Masselli




espírito Ângelo Inácio, by Robson Pinheiro


Exciting, involving, explanatory, diving in the mysteries of the black magic, elemental being, the old black men, caboclos and exus, this is an indispensable romance for better understanding of the Umbanda.

In Aruanda, the author approaches with mastery the roads that take to the obsession and, consequently, to the cure of it; he visits laboratories of the darkness and the parasite apparatus and their fields of force. It is a book that breaks taboos and prejudices thoroughly exploring themes approached in spiritualistic meetings.



from the medium Eudaldo Pagés, by Amália Domingo y Soler


This book was written in Spain between 1897 and 1899, and only edited in 1904. Eudaldo Pagés, spiritual medium psycophonic, dictated and Amália transcribed.

Perdôo-te is a book instiganting .You might comprehend when reading it that Nun Teresa of Ávila is Maria Madalena's reincarnation, despite of the communicating spirit not use in a declared way the name of Madalena. The reports are moderated at immemorial times that were part of a civilization that would have existed at Atlantis.


Tambores de Angola - by Robson Pinheiro


Distante de Deus

from the spirit Fábio, by the medium Nadir Gomes


A mediunic romance that the main character, Fábio, pursues, cost what it costs, the success through the easy money and of the conquest of social position. The glory and the power are above the good and evil, unavoidably to the costs of the suffering of the others.

When getting involved with drugs, Fábio will stop behind the bars, becoming one of the convicts of the prison of Carandiru. He begins, since then, his understanding for the truths of the spirit.


Irmã Sheilla e Você - by Maria de Lourdes Nogueira Mendes


Ninguém é de ninguém - by Zibia Gaspareto


O preço de ser diferente - by Mônica Castro


Sexo e Obsessão - by Manoel P. de Miranda


Tormentos da Obsessão - by Manoel P. de Miranda and Divaldo Franco

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