CFA History


The spiritualistic community Casa de São Francisco de Assis was founded in 1975. For ten years the meetings took place either at the house of its founder, Celi de Menezes Bomfim, or in properties rented. Until the year of 1985, when our main location was donated by a friend of the House. At the moment, we could start the construction of the building for the Daycare. The first step was to reform the old construction that was built in 1905, counting only on the help of the people who agreed with the cause. New campaigns and events were promoted so that we could furnish the whole space destined to our social activities.

We began with distribution of foods bags and babies' trousseaus and, afterwards, with the help of volunteers we started the medical and psychological service to the lacking people of the area..

Only in 1996, we could achieve our greatest dream The Santa Clara's Daycare which started with a group of only 6 students.

Since then our social work increases every year. In 2000 the dental treatment service was implanted. That was only possible due to the donation of necessary equipments for the clinic's building.


Nowadays, the Santa Clara's Daycare assists 80 children, using a system of full time activities for children with ages from 2 to 5 years and 11 months, which corresponds to Kindergarten, Daycare and Infantile Education. To continue this work, we have as a goal, to enlarge the Daycare service for 160 children until the end of the Elementary School, which would include children up to 10, creating like this, the Santa Clara's Daycare-school.

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