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How you should proceed in the pass  


In the pass, the spiritual guides use the mediums to clean you of negative vibrations, provoked, usually, by harmful thoughts and feelings, that you had or that other people (incarnated or not) had against you. Many times, when the situation is more serious, the guides arrest and bring to the pass obsessor spirits, to begin a treatment on them and on you.


The positive effect of the pass depends, largely, of withdrawing yourself, seriousness and faith. To withdraw yourself is to be in prayer, with the thought in Jesus, in Our Lady and in the spiritual guides. It's to win the curiosity and the distractions.


Don't worry in choosing the medium that will apply the pass. Some people less informed only think they were helped when, through the medium, they saw some impressive phenomena. THE BEST PASS IS THAT WHEN THE PATIENT AND THE MEDIUM ARE WITHDRAWED, IN PRAYER, HAVING OR NOT AN IMPRESSIVE PHENOMENA


Don't be attached to the leader or any of the mediums, as if they had the power to cure. They are just instruments. Medium are not a miracle man.


In the pass, the guides show to the medium if you need spiritual treatment and which the treatment. In the case of need, the medium orders you to seek, in the front living room, one of the people entrusted of guiding you to the treatment.



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