How To Help


The monthly cost of each child's maintenance is on average of R$ 350,00


You can help in the following ways:


    Adopting a child - Our financial difficulties are enormous. You can adopt one child or more children 


    Making donations with money - You can made donations of any value at our main adress, Monday to Friday from 8:00a.m to 5:00p.m, or through bank deposit at Itaú Bank, agency 0842, checking account number. 37406-8 - on behalf of Casa de Francisco de Assis.


      Contributing monthly - Payment through bank payment slip in any bank with value and date of your choice.


    Making donations of clothes - Imperishable foods, didactic, hygiene and dental material, medicines and musical instruments etc.

By adding up our efforts we will certainly improve the quality of these children's life. If necessary we can pick up your donation.


    Bazaar - donating clothes, shoes, toys, appliances, furniture and domestic utensils, disks, books, Cds, jewelries etc., to be sold and converted in budget for the Daycare maintenance . In case you need we can collect them, you just need to call and schedule.


    Voluntary - You can be a volunteer in your area or in any section of the House, at your choice. We need permanently doctors, dentists, psychologists, musicians, artists, carpenters, bricklayers, journalists and lawyers.


Would you like to be a volunteer? Click here


    Foods - The food, perishable or imperishable, are very important to CFA, mainly in these three aspects: 


1 - For the subsistence of Santa Clara's Daycare, that today offers for the children four balanced meals daily (breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner); 


2 - To compose bags of foods of the Feeding Program that assists 45 registered families; 


3 - To help, whenever possible, other institutions, such as: Lixão de Caxias, Lar de Anastácia, Nova Sepetiba and others, all already registered in CFA. 


We thank all who help our cause, becoming partners in this fight to build a better Brazil.



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