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Social Service


(Only free for needy people)

CFA organizes a social service with doctors, lawyers, dentist, therapists...


Click here and see the timetable of our social service. 




Expansion of Santa Clara's Daycare

1. To enlarge its physical space, with the construction of more 4 classrooms in a land strip still existent, increasing the service for 120 children. The architectural study is already ready, just waiting for the permission of the City Hall and the reception of the necessary resources for the accomplishment of the work.

2. The Casa de Francisco de Assis, conscious that needs to involve even more with the improvement of the youth Brazilian's life, it's mobilized on the implantation of assistance projects specific for those young ones. We are already trying to get more volunteers as plastic artists, psychologists, music teachers etc. we Know that through music, plastic activities, vocational courses, psychological assistance, etc., we can contribute to the improvement of those young ones.

We intended to execute that project as soon as we can, however we know that it doesn't depend only on our good will, we need the necessary resources to do so.


Assistance to the Senior

Among our expansion plans: to create a project to implant the Senior's Home, working as a help to the 3rd Age, during ten hours a day from Monday to Friday.

This expansion is already foreseen in our statute.



Due to a local restriction, for our access to be done through a long and difficult stairway, the assistance of the physical deficient and of the people with locomotion difficulty is almost impossible. So that it can turn viable, we needed two stairway's elevating chairs. As we don't have resources for such, we are seeking sponsors for this project.


Expansion of the Clinic

Enlargement of the Therapeutic Section, besides with gynecology and other medical specialties.

To increase the number of doctors and dentists, because the already existent are insufficient, and the creation of a gynecological assistance room.



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